What is a typical itinerary for gameday?
The following is a general itinerary and depends upon the timing of the game and the distance from the major city location to the college campus

7:30AM – Leave major city location
10:00AM – Approximate arrival at college campus
12:00PM – Game time
4:30pm – Estimated time of departure [generally departure will be one (1) hour after game concludes.  Tailgate Transport will notify all passengers of departure time]
7:00pm – Approximate arrival back in departure city

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?
We will provide clear information within the Eventbrite ticketing data for each event that identifies where the bus will pick up in that major city.  That location may provide available parking in addition to the use of public transportation, Uber, or other drop-off.

Bus parking at each campus location will also be in the Eventbrite ticketing data for each event and will provide convenient access to the stadium and nearby tailgate locations.  The bus drop-off / pick-up will occur at the same location in the major city and the same location at the college campus.

What is my ticket?
Eventbrite provides the ticketing for all passengers.  Passengers must present their ticket through electronic format or in print.  Identification will be required to confirm the passenger is the named ticket holder.

Are seats assigned?
No, so no need to worry about buying tickets together to ensure you sit together.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to use Tailgate Transport?
Must be 21, with valid ID shown to board bus.

Can we bring and consume alcohol on the bus?
Yes, as long as there are no glass bottles.  As noted, all riders will be of legal drinking age and therefore are permitted to bring their own alcoholic beverages and consume them during the ride.  Please do so wisely and refer to the Terms of Use for risks involved.

Will there be bathrooms on the bus?
Of course.  Be sure to use them when needed!

Is there Wifi on the bus?
You bet – gotta stay connected heading to the game.

What can/can’t I bring to the event?
*Refer to Terms of Use below for full listing of prohibited items*

DO bring:
– Appropriate attire/luggage: be prepared for full unloading of all personal items upon arrival at game location (personal items may be left on the bus at your own risk, but assume bus parking will not be close to drop-off / pick-up location).  Recommended items include attire appropriate for weather expectations such as sunscreen, routine/emergency medications, fully charged mobile device, venue-approved purse/backpack/etc (note that some stadiums have size limitations on bags carried into the game).

– Proper storage for food and beverages: large (non-personal size) coolers will be stored during travel, please plan to carry-on items that will fit comfortably under the seat in front of you or in an overhead compartment.  Ensure all containers close securely to prevent leaks, spills, or undesired cooling/heating of food en route.  Cups/plates/utensils will not be provided, so please plan accordingly.  We will provide trash bags for waste on the bus.

DO NOT bring:
– weapons, explosives, fireworks or combustible materials of any sort.  They may NOT be brought onto or stored on any charter bus operated for Tailgate Transport.  Artificial noisemakers, strollers, umbrellas, flags/banners on poles or other items deemed potentially disruptive will not be allowed in the passenger compartment of bus, however, can be stored in the luggage compartment of the bus. Refer to campus/stadium rules and regulations on use of items such as strollers, umbrellas, or other equipment prior to arriving at pick-up location (temporary storage for such items will not be provided).

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?
Yes, for a $5 Fee.  This can be accomplished via Eventbrite.  Refer to Terms of Use for full rules for ticket transfers.

Can I book a group?
Absolutely!  Booking for a group is a great way to take a lot of the headache out of your event.  Contact us directly for group bookings (tailgatetransport@gmail.com).  The individual requesting a group booking will need to provide us with: (a) Event / game that the group wishes to attend, (b) Number of tickets desired, (c) a primary contact and contact information and (d) Names of all individuals to attend.  We will reply accordingly and facilitate the purchase directly with that individual.  All members of the group will be issued a ticket via Eventbrite to ensure ease of game day ticketing.

Can Tailgate Transport provide transportation to a game or event not currently on their schedule?
We would be happy to consider your special event and whether Tailgate Transport can provide such services.  Please contact us directly so we can determine how we can be of assistance.  Contact us at tailgatetransport@gmail.com.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Email us at tailgatetransport@gmail.com.